Fireworks 2000

Fireworks Display Specialist for Weddings and all Occasions!


Classical Music Evening

Enjoy an evening garden party with a classical music fireworks display. All fired to classical music, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Schubert Etc. This display utilises only low noise fireworks. We also provide free lighting around your garden area, floodlighting garden shrubs trees etc. We can also provide live music at your request. This display is designed for built up areas and will not offend.

Larger Displays

The larger displays are all electronically fired by an experienced and licenced operator and all our events are covered by public liability insurance. Displays as you can imagine are not easily costed, as each display is suited to each clients needs, nor can a time limit be place on an event, as you can easily fire £2000 of fire works in a minute as you can fire £20 of fireworks in a minute.

Names, Messages & Logos

Illuminations and logos, messages, names and portraits can be provided on request and music of a particular relevance or choice can be used to accompany the fireworks. We provide our own P.A system. Contact us for more information

Price guide

Displays, as you can imagine, are not easily costed out, as they are designed to suit each individuals needs. Nor can you put a time limit on them, as you can just as easily fire £2000 worth of fireworks in a minute as you can £20 worth. But, to give you a rough guide, they would suggest for a small wedding or garden party where there is limited space £500 to £1000 lasting approximately 5-15 minutes. For larger events such as schools, bonfire parties, fetes, etc £1000 to £1500 lasting 10-15 minutes, and for large public events £2000 to an unlimited amount lasting 20-30 minutes or however long required.