Fireworks 2000

Fireworks Display Specialist for Weddings and all Occasions!


Wedding Firework Display (No.1)   TOTAL PRICE -  £650

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This Wedding firework display is a none stop 6 minutes High professional Aerial Fireworks fired to Music with lots of colour and effects with candles fanning out followed by a grand finale of aerial shells bursting with lots of colour and shapes and effects, Ending with a red hart, Creating a fantastic end to your Day.



Wedding Musical Display (No.2)  TOTAL PRICE -  £895

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Thisdisplay is of more volume of fireworks Fired to music of none stop 8 minutes Duration with lots of colour and effects fanning out, Then finishing with a grand finale  of shells bursting into the sky, of all kind of shapes Colour and effects, ending with a Red Hart.


Wedding Fantastic Display (No.3)  TOTAL PRICE - £1300


Why not Celebrate your special day with a 15 Minutes Fantastic none stop firework display, to music of your choice ,with lots of colours and effects, All ending with a large number of aerial shells , size 75mm 100mm 125mm 150mm, with a logo red Heart and the bride and grooms initials each side of the red Heart.

Bonfire Fireworks Display to Music - 20 Minutes Package (No.4)  TOTAL PRICE - £3500

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This Is a 20 minutes display, Starts with a number of Illuminations and prays Of silver and gold, Following with  Barrages, cakes, Candles, fanning out with Colour and effects. Going on for none stop ten minutes, then ending with a none stop Aerial Fantastic display of shells Fired from Tubes Size 75mm, 100mm, 125mm 150,  of colour , effects  and shapes, and noise, lasting 10 minutes, making the display 20 minutes duration.

This display is all fired to music with a back drop Scenery castle flood  lit, we fire  most of the display from behind the castle as a safety Issue, we provide the PA system, Insurance and the risk assessment, If you would like to book this display , Be Quick, we only take on few for 5th November.